Personal Care: wet wipes products line


They are ideal to protect you from insects and mosquitoes. They are effective also against tiger mosquito. This is the most valid option to the anti-mosquito spray. The product is a Medical Surgical Device, registered by the Health Ministry. Suitable for adults and children



Wet wipes with a cleanser and refreshing soaking lotion. They are dermatologically tested and suitable for all type of skins. This is a valid option to take care of your hygiene every time and everywhere. 


The best solution for the cleansing of the intimate parts and particularly delicate body areas. The soaking lotion is delicate and respect the natural pH. With their refreshing and cleaning action, they  are a practical solution without water. Ideal outside, at work, after sport activity and in the free time 


Wet wipes soaked with a delicate and refreshing lotion, ideal to the intimate parts. They practically replace the toilet paper, leaving an immediate refreshing feeling, without the bidet. Ecologically sustainable, you can really flush them into the toilet because they really dissolve in few minutes, without problems for the water pipes. 


Ideal to bring always with you, because of the small pocket size, thought to your bag or jacket. They solve the problem of perspiration, giving freshness and cleaning in only one use. 



Specifically studied for the cleansing, prevention of batteries proliferation and the personal hygiene of all the body of adults. The big wipes are ideal for elderly people with incontinence problems. Their soothing and calming action prevent from potential reddening in case of people lying in bed.